Sunday, 22 May 2011

Harold Camping: Judgement Day Rescheduled October 2011

Dad told me not to quit on anything no matter what, third time is always a charm he said. But how about to the case of Harold Camping who just rescheduled the Judgement Day according to himself? Obviously, this person does not know the definition of "shame". Well, being persistent is a very good quality to possess. But do we have to go to the extent of loosing our credibility just to be persistent?
First, it was the Rapture of 1994, and now May 21, 2011 at exactly 6PM. Damn! the day is over and nothing so unusual happens, except for 1,350+ tweetflood in just 5 minutes after 6PM I had today about Mr. Harold Camping's failed epic prediction. We even celebrated my friend's birthday today, May 22. 
Judgement Day will be rescheduled October 2011. Is it that easy for him to just announce something real dumb? It is like he is announcing a reschedule trial hearing. Ok a miscalculation again. We can accept miscalculations. 'Coz even calculators can't solve right?
Well, you see. This false prophet only craves for publicity. Others say "There's nothing to lose if we believe" and I am here in your face saying, "yeah sure, you are actually losing FAITH, well in fact that is the most important thing we need in times of crises".
It would be up to you now if you would still continue to believe. For me, I am not buying anymore. He can quote as many Bible verses he wants, but as Miriam Defensor Santiago says it "The devil can cite scripture for its purposes".

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