Monday, 23 May 2011

Lessons From 3 Idiots

Dad told me, being successful is not a onetime shot; it is a series of actions. Like failure, success is also not permanent, so always strive doing your best. If you make success as a habit, then that is then when you achieve excellence.

A line that stirred me all throughout the movie came from Ranchho, an engineering student in the movie:
“We’ll study with all our hearts not just for grades… Study to be accomplished, not affluent…Follow excellence and success will chase you…”

Big Fat Lie About Money

Dad told me, "it does not take money to make money". And Robert Kiyosaki also mentioned in his Rich Dad Poor Dad Book series about "It doesn't take money to make money". So what does it take to make money then?

My answer, my dad's answer and Robert Kiyosaki's answer boils to one simple answer, which is "extreme desire and dream". You got to have a clear vision of what you really wanted. I admit, I don't have that clear vision yet. I am still seeking what I really wanted to do in life. And yes, money is never the most important thing in this world. Life is more important than money, but money supports life, making money important too.

Setting things aside, having money is not bad. Money is neutral and does nothing unless the handler does something bad. What's evil is the love for money.

God did not created money to seek evil. He created money for man to bring back the glory that he bestowed upon us guys. In one way or another, it can be a tool which lets you see things way beyond what is tangible.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Harold Camping: Judgement Day Rescheduled October 2011

Dad told me not to quit on anything no matter what, third time is always a charm he said. But how about to the case of Harold Camping who just rescheduled the Judgement Day according to himself? Obviously, this person does not know the definition of "shame". Well, being persistent is a very good quality to possess. But do we have to go to the extent of loosing our credibility just to be persistent?
First, it was the Rapture of 1994, and now May 21, 2011 at exactly 6PM. Damn! the day is over and nothing so unusual happens, except for 1,350+ tweetflood in just 5 minutes after 6PM I had today about Mr. Harold Camping's failed epic prediction. We even celebrated my friend's birthday today, May 22. 
Judgement Day will be rescheduled October 2011. Is it that easy for him to just announce something real dumb? It is like he is announcing a reschedule trial hearing. Ok a miscalculation again. We can accept miscalculations. 'Coz even calculators can't solve right?
Well, you see. This false prophet only craves for publicity. Others say "There's nothing to lose if we believe" and I am here in your face saying, "yeah sure, you are actually losing FAITH, well in fact that is the most important thing we need in times of crises".
It would be up to you now if you would still continue to believe. For me, I am not buying anymore. He can quote as many Bible verses he wants, but as Miriam Defensor Santiago says it "The devil can cite scripture for its purposes".

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Trust in the Lord and Not with Some Judgement Day Hoax Claimers

Dad always told me to trust in the Lord always. Obviously and unfortunately, some of us are easily swept with some hoax claimers claiming to predict the end of the world. No body knows when the world will end. There has been a lot of predictions in the past about end-of-the-world predictions like December 21, 2012, the Y2K, and now the May 21, 2011 Judgement day, which is obviously not true(it's already past 6PM). Of course, the main reason why they are claiming to predict these stuff is for publicity purposes. Come on, even NASA, with the most advance technology, can not even predict the most precise when and where will an earth quake hit, and here comes some unvalidated predictions whom we are so much fooled of. Let us face the fact, the reason why these people are still claiming hoaxes it's because there are still a lot of people who loved to be fooled.
Once again, after the day of 'nothing happens' they will just say "a simple miscalculation". What the... do they even think of the repercussions of their actions after announcing and claiming such hoax?
It is like stating "ooops, damn! my bad" after killing a wrong person during a man-hunt operation.

For the conclusion, trust only in the Lord. ask for forgiveness of your sins, for we just don't know when will this dumb planet will end. One good thing I found to be advantageous in times hoax claimers exist is that faith grows stronger with it. Only God knows when the judgement day is, and nobody else. PERIOD.

Dad Told Me To Publish a Test Post

This is a test post.