Monday, 23 May 2011

Big Fat Lie About Money

Dad told me, "it does not take money to make money". And Robert Kiyosaki also mentioned in his Rich Dad Poor Dad Book series about "It doesn't take money to make money". So what does it take to make money then?

My answer, my dad's answer and Robert Kiyosaki's answer boils to one simple answer, which is "extreme desire and dream". You got to have a clear vision of what you really wanted. I admit, I don't have that clear vision yet. I am still seeking what I really wanted to do in life. And yes, money is never the most important thing in this world. Life is more important than money, but money supports life, making money important too.

Setting things aside, having money is not bad. Money is neutral and does nothing unless the handler does something bad. What's evil is the love for money.

God did not created money to seek evil. He created money for man to bring back the glory that he bestowed upon us guys. In one way or another, it can be a tool which lets you see things way beyond what is tangible.

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